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Logistics & Custom Specialist

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  • Execute and Manage International transportation business in & out Azerbaijan;
  • Participate in the project bidding process to design logistics solutions, as per customer’s demands;
  • Plan transportation resource for timely shipping & delivery;
  • Organizing the transportation of goods from start location to the destination;
  • Requesting shipping companies for the safe transportation and insurance of goods
  • Providing required information and documents to brokers for timely Customs clearance as well as requesting customs clearance completion report;
  • Insert completed information about order, imported goods delivery, and customer clearance dates into a database;
  • Entering information about transportation, insurance and customs fees into a database and ensuring of payment`s deadlines;
  • Manage team to build good atmosphere & multi-country culture organization;

Main responsibilties:

  • University degree;
  • Experience with TIR machines is a must;
  • Fluent Azeri, Russian and English;
  • Familiar with Azerbaijan customs policy, import and export customs clearance processes and operation, customs compliance
  • Import/Export procedure & documentation knowledge;
  • Good time management and planning skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure;


For application (CV)https://optimal.az/vakansiya

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